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Video Clips - Documentaries and Factual

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These video clips contain music © Alice Trueman 2010-2020, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.


Entry for BBC New Talent competition illustrating the wonders of these strange islands. Achieved a place in the final 12.

Blitz & Pieces dir. Paul Hardy (2006)

Produced for Royal Mail and Warwick Arts Centre.

Orchestral score for a moving documentary about the Coventry during the Blitz. A twenty minute educational film, it was produced for screening in primary schools around the UK.

Ghost Town dir. Richard Wood

Produced by Alternative Rootz and Leofric Films in association with UK Film Council's First Light Movies.

Documentary on the legacy of 2-Tone in Coventry. Original song composed by Alice Trueman for a ska band, Skadiagan, which features over the closing credits.

The View from Bethlehem

Director: Chris Belcher
Producer: Eugene Bird

A Palestinian woman, Suher Qumsiyeh, describes the view from the roof of her mother's house in Bethlehem: the rapidly expanding Jewish colony on the neighbouring hill, and the wall under construction barring Palestinians from Jerusalem.

The original film, made in 2005, can be viewed here.

For her Masters Alice has created an exploratory soundtrack almost entirely from processing the speech of Qumsiyeh and the interviewer. Alice wanted to subtly bring out the unfairness of the situation using harsh sounds to reflect the bleak images, and aimed to create a thought-provoking soundtrack which highlights the key issues in the documentary.