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Video Clips - Comedy

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These video clips contain music © Alice Trueman 2010-2017, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

Titanic Love - Click here to view clips of Alice's latest work

Multi-award winning romantic-comedy short directed by Mark Pressdee

The film has been digitally remastered in 2017 with a brand new original score by Alice Trueman, to help the good ship 'Titanic Love' on its way with the next part of its journey!

Synopsis: Jack has a problem, his girlfriend is totally obsessed with the film Titanic! How can he satisfy her desire to go on a Titanic cruise and save his relationship? Perhaps his best mate Delroy, wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, can help! Delroy and his trusty sidekick Jaz are going to bring Hollywood and the Titanic to town, and whisk Jack and Lucy away on the trip of a life-time - but will it all end in disaster? All will be revealed in a thrilling climax that has been delighting audiences around the world!

Titanic Love has won over 30 awards at film festivals world-wide and is now in talks to be broadcast on television across Europe and America. Available soon on DVD!

Turbulence dir. Michael B. Clifford

Feature film made by BAFTA award-winning team, director Michael Baig Clifford and producer Natasha Carlish.

When a failing music venue staffed by fools looks set to close, manager Keith launches a last ditch Battle of the Bands competition. More by accident than by design, musical genius is unleashed by a rapping transvestite, some precocious indie rockers (The Scholars) and a barmaid with a golden voice (Rosie), who together try to save the world they love.

Yoga Scene

Christian, a 'far-out' hippie is staying with Russell, an aspiring hip-hop artist. In this scene Chistian is relaxing by putting himself into a bizarre yogic, yodelling trance, as a bewildered Russell tries to communicate with him. The music is at first based on Tibetan ritual music, with gongs and bells, segueing into Classical Indian music with a seductive feel, as Christian's 'cousin' arrives!

Jane Austen Music

Series of clips featuring Rosie the Jane-Austen obsessed bar-maid Rosie. This music is an arrangement and development of melodies and harmonies from an indie-pop song by The Scholars 'Turbulence', which features in the film. To hear the original song click here.

The music is composed in a Romantic/ Classical style which would have been popular in Jane Austen times, to fit with with Rosie's dreamy personality amd contrast with the largely pop-based score. This stylistic leitmotif is developed as Rosie's story develops. Rosie goes to the city to seek her fortune as a singer, has an interview and starts working at the Hare and Hounds for the Bar Manager Keith. She ends up in a liasion with Keith, which tests her belief in fairy-tale romance.

Rosie to The Stage

Delay-drenched piano music which underscores the sense of unreality Rosie feels as she walks up on stage in front of a big crowd, her moment to perform having arrived at last!