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Video Clips - Animation

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These video clips contain music © Alice Trueman 2010-2013, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

PhiZog dir. Neil Webber (2006), produced by Light-House Productions

An animated short about a very naughty boy (Phizog) who pulls horribly contorted faces despite warnings that he'll stick like that when the wind changes!

A folk score using live accordion, penny whistle and violin, with dark and sinister under-currents.

Elephant's Dream

Proog, a stern and forbidding elderly gentleman, shows an unimpressed young man Emo around what appears to be a massive, dangerous machine - but not all is as it seems...

This clip is the first half of an animated short which was created by the Orange Open Movie Team, for futher details click here.

The music for this project was originally written by Jan Morgenstern but Alice has composed an alternative score for her Music Masters. Alice's music draws on influences from Victorian-era classical music and chip-tune music to fit with the dark, steampunk visuals.