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Titanic Love - Video Clips

This soundtrack excerpt is © Alice Trueman 2017, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

The Ship Departs - Atlantic Adventure Theme

Composed and performed by ALICE TRUEMAN

Jack and Lucy are finally on their way to board the 'Titanic' for their cruise and run cross a bridge to the ship, cheered on by crowds. The music reflects Lucy's wild excitement with fast paced piano and strings, and James Horner-esque chords on the choir.

This builds up to sweeping orchestral music with French horns playing the 'Adventure' leitmotif in full. This leitmotif is subtly introduced earlier when the cruise is first talked about. The music for the ship leaving is partly a pastiche of James Horner's score for Titanic, in particular the scene in the Hollywood film where the ship departs for America, which has a similar Copeland-esque brass theme and exciting orchestral accompaniment.

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