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Audio Samples - Other Drama

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These MP3 soundtrack excerpts are © Alice Trueman 2004-2012, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

A New Beginning 2012

Classical music suitable for drama, particularly costume/ period drama, available for licensing.

Part 1

Rising excitement, a hopeful, joyful beginning. String orchestra and two solo violins, with a pastoral feel to the music.
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Part 2

Conflict has arisen, tension and anger grow leading to despair. Then after the bleakest moment slowly hope returns with a joyful conclusion, as a rousing choir is added to the orchestra.
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A sound-driven mystery about memory loss and trust. Kit knows something isn't quite right, as she struggles to regain her identity after she almost dies from hypothermia. A new play by Alex Bulmer and produced by Polly Thomas.

For more information about 'Noise', visit the BBC website here:

Freezing Underscore

Includes arrangements of music inspired by Chopin's Prelude in E Minor Opus 28 # 4. Piano music in which the melodies become frozen.
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Other underscore and diegetic music

Music underscoring Kit's state of mind and music she hears on the radio.
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End Credits

After Kit escapes her dark past the end music looks to a happier future, while still including traces of the Chopin Prelude.
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