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These MP3 soundtrack excerpts are © Alice Trueman 2004-2020, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

BBC Radio 4 - Art of Now: Migraine

An exploration of migraine and creativity through a specially commissioned musical score, and the stories of artists and writers who experience the condition.

Attempts to describe migraine have been made in visual arts and literature, but here - for the first time - Alice creates a piece of sonic art that seeks to unlock the nature of a migraine attack

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Alice evokes the experience of a migraine aura, combining disorientating music and sound design with distorted speech of migraine sufferers.
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You can listen to and buy all the music from Migraine below:

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Entry for BBC New Talent competition illustrating the wonders of these strange islands. Achieved a place in the final 12.

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Digital Age (Electronica)

A variety of electronic styles using samples of modems and other computer-related paraphernalia.

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History of Work

1940s style big band jazz piece. An extract from a documentary about industrial history in the Midlands, produced by Isaiah Ferguson at Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton.

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Blitz & Pieces dir. Paul Hardy (2006)

Produced for Royal Mail and Warwick Arts Centre.

Orchestral score for a moving documentary about the Coventry during the Blitz. A twenty minute educational film, it was produced for screening in primary schools around the UK.

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