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Audio Samples - Adverts and Interactive Media

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These MP3 soundtrack excerpts are © Alice Trueman 2004-2012, and may not be reproduced or distributed without written permission. All rights reserved.

Marquetry Advert - Aryma

Web advert for high-end marqurtry company Aryma. Combination of electronic music and minimalist-style orchestral sounds.

Watch the advert on Vimeo

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4Talent Podcasts

Music to top and tail podcasts about new media, film, radio and TV on Channel 4ís website.

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Light House DVD Produced by Light-House Productions

Soundtrack to promotional DVD advertising the Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton.

This excerpt is from a fast-cut montage sequence showing clips from the films and animations produced at the centre. The music is frenetic and jazzy with the emphasis on the bass and drums. She also composed a more laid-back version of the music for a slower-paced section of the DVD.

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Auriga (2004)

Soundtrack for video game produced by Neil Brewis of Light House Media centre - a chariot-racing beat 'em up set in Ancient Rome.

In-Game Music

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Game Over Music

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